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Introduction: There are numerous individuals who question their salvation. Numerous others question their security in Christ. To live with this sort of weight and weakness leaves individuals feeble and ineffectual in their Christian walk. Fortunately, there is a word from God around here. This whole section harps on the expectation of the Christian and the unceasing security of the adherent.
We are instructed here that as Christians we have an expectation, v. 18. This expectation isn't only some affectionate wish or want. Maybe, it is a profound settled certainty dependent on upon the guarantees and the force of God. We are informed that this expectation is situated in 2 incredible unchangeable powers: 1. V. 13a God's Promise - He will keep His Word! (V. 18 - He can't lie!) 2. V. 13b-17 God's Oath - He has depended on Himself that what He guarantees will happen. (Sick. In a courtroom, men commit to the pledge, "by God" to call God to observe that what they are going to say is reality. Men depend on God on the grounds that there is none more prominent. Accordingly, in case God will commit to a pledge, He should depend on Himself, since there is none more prominent than Himself. All in all, God stakes His standing and Name on His capacity to do what He has said He will do. He will keep His Word, His believability relies on it.) Having given us His own affirmation that our interminable security is situated in Himself, He presently gives us three figures to demonstrate that this expectation of unceasing security is solid, undaunted and sure. Permit me to share these 3 extraordinary real factors that can in a real sense put uncertainty to death in your life and mine. These 3 facts can break the chains of uncertainty and dread in regards to your spirit's salvation. How about we notice these 3 straightforward facts that will give us certainty as we venture toward Heaven. I. V. 18b THE PROMISES WE HAVE CLAIMED A. The individuals who have gone to Jesus have "escaped for shelter." (Sick. The picture is of the old Cities Of Refuge itemized in Numbers 35:6-32 and Joshua 20:1-9. These 6 urban communities, 3 on one or the other side of the waterway Jordan were set up to give an asylum to somebody who coincidentally killed another human. As indicated by Jewish law, the dead man's closest relative was needed to rebuff the killer. Notwithstanding, if a man coincidentally killed another, he could escape to one of the Cities Of Refuge and there he would get a reasonable preliminary. On the off chance that the demise was demonstrated to be incidental, the executioner could stay in the City Of Refuge, shielded from the displeasure of the Avenger of Blood, until the High Priest passed on. Around then, he was allowed to get back to his own home unafraid of reprisal from the dead man's family.) B. In a very much like sense, Jesus is our City Of Refuge today. 1. We were liable - Rom. 3:23 2. We had the right to kick the bucket, and were being pursued somewhere near the Avenger of Blood - Rom. 6:23; Psa. 9:17. 3. We escaped to Jesus, and in Him, we discovered security from the punishment of our transgressions - Rom. 5:9; John 5:24. 4. We are secure in Him always - Heb. 7:25. (Sick. In contrast to the High Priest of the Old Testament, Jesus won't ever kick the bucket! Truth be told, He has effectively been dead and He has vanquished passing and is alive always., Rev. 1:18!) C. At the point when the incidental killer escaped to the City Of Refuge in Israel, he was simply guaranteeing the guarantee of God. It involved confidence. In like way, when we as miscreants escape to Jesus, the Refuge of the Soul, we are simply trusting God, and He is ever devoted to keep the guarantee of salvation to all who will come to Him by confidence - Rom. 10:9; 10:13; Acts 16:31; John 6:37; 47) D. Ever soul that trusts Jesus and reacts to Him based on unadulterated confidence can have confidence of God's unceasing assurance through Jesus Christ. I. The Promises We Have Claimed II. V. 19 THE PLACE WHERE WE ARE ANCHORED A. The reasonable guarantees of God as to our security remain as an extraordinary anchor of the spirit. Notice 2 descriptive words used to portray this anchor: 1. Sure - It can be depended upon. 2. Relentless - It is unfaltering. Taken together, these 2 words instruct us that this anchor of the spirit won't break, twist nor slip from where it is gotten. B. Notice where this anchor is set, for this is the very pinnacle of in significance. It isn't in the moving sands of this always evolving world, nor is it in the temperamental faithfulness of the human heart, nor is it gotten in our capacity to clutch God, His guarantees, or His Word. This anchor is in "that inside the cover." What is "that"? All the more appropriately, we may inquire, "Who is that?" Verse 20 offers that response - "even Jesus"! All in all, that extraordinary anchor of the spirit is Jesus Himself! The way that we are in Him now, Eph. 2:6, and that our glorification has effectively been cultivated in the brain of God, Rom. 8:29-30, fill in as an anchor to forestall us floating about on the wild oceans of uncertainty. (Sick. We are in a real sense moored in Jesus Himself this evening! He is in Heaven with the Father, and we are interminably attached to Him. Nothing can make Him cast us off, nor would anything be able to make Him slip. He is a certain and resolute anchor of the spirit. In case you are in Jesus, figure out how to cheer in your incredible security.) C. Another fascinating this to note is that we are not secured down, yet we are moored up! We are not attached to this world, yet we are attached to that Heavenly world - Phil. 3:20. Note likewise that we have not been secured to be at a halt, yet we are truly pushing toward the anchor point, we are at any point headed home. Consistently is one more moment nearer to greatness!) (Sick. Like an extraordinary boat, we may in any case float while we are at anchor, however we can just float around the anchor point! This anchor won't hold and will ever permit us to float away!) I. The Promises We Have Claimed II. The Place Where We Are Anchored III. V. 20 THE PERSON WHO HAS GONE BEFORE A. Here, Jesus is known as the "herald." This word in a real sense signifies, "a scout; one who come ahead of time to where the rest are to follow." Jesus climbed into Heaven with this guarantees straight from His lips, "I will come back again and get you unto myself that where I am there ye might be likewise," Here the contrast among Jesus and the Old Testament High Priest is obvious to see. The Old Testament Priest entered in behind the shroud one time per year and in every case alone. Nobody could follow him into the Holy of Holies. However, when Jesus went into the Holy of Holies in Heaven, He guaranteed us that one day, we would go along with Him there! He went on yet will get us in Heaven later on. B. As out "Precursor", Jesus has gotten 3 incredible things done for our benefit: 1. He has gone on before to declare our future appearance - (Ill. They are anticipating us in Heaven!) (Ill. Jesus is the Firstfruits. That is, He is the model. He is the guarantee of additional to follow!) 2. He has gone on before to claim the wonders of Heaven for our benefit - Not just are they hanging tight for us in Heaven, yet they have been planning for our appearance around there - John 14:3. 3. He has gone on before with the goal that He can invite us when we do show up - He took care of us and He will be the One to welcome us when we show up home in paradise, 1 Thes. 4:16-17. C. Sick. Similarly as the principal hiker to arrive at the culmination ties down a life saver to the mountain which the remainder of the climbers can use to scale, Jesus went to Heaven and has safely moored our salvation in Himself. Presently, by confidence in the Word of God and in the completed work of Jesus at Calvary, we will climb to that superb city and go along with Him there. Conc: The very truth that Jesus is our Refuge, our Anchor and our Forerunner should give us trust in the space of our salvation and its affirmation. In the event that you have gotten Jesus, you are going home. In case you are saved, you regions sure for Heaven as though you were at that point there. There is no compelling reason to question, there is no should be apprehensive. There is an incredible need, nonetheless, for God's youngsters to figure out how to trust the Lord and simply celebrate in the salvation which we have been given. Take trust in the way that God has saved you through Jesus and confidence in the reality He will see you securely home to Heaven. Allow these 3 incredible facts to execute question in your life.

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